Our Commitment to

Sustainability and our Environment

We care about the future and are committed to the best practices and highest industry standards to protect our environment. We make continual efforts to minimise our impact on our planet by finding better ways to improve our processes, products and packaging.

We are proud of the sustainable materials and practices that we've adopted a which are industry-leading. 


Sustainable Materials

We uphold exceptional standards in carefully sourcing high-quality materials and timbers that are derived from ethical and sustainable practices.

  Sustainable plantation timbers
  Sustainable art papers
  Acrylic glazing made from 50% recycled material
  Picture frame product contents that are recyclable

Frame with eco sustainable label
close up of corrugated cardboard

Recycled Cardboard

We actively recycle and repurpose cardboard, reducing waste and landfill. We source recyclable cartons which are Australian Conservation Foundation approved.

  Recycle and repurpose cardboard
  We source Australian-made recyclable cartons

Eco-friendly Packaging

Rather than using plastic, polystyrene or foam for packaging fill, our items are carefully packed using an Australian-made void fill material which is environmentally friendly, called "Biofill". Biofill which is made from natural corn and potato starch. This fill material is:

  Water-soluble & compostable
  Made in Australia


Our Commitment

Profile's commitment is to continue assessing and refining our processes, products and packaging options as an ongoing process, so that sustainability and our environment remain a priority for future generations to come.